Our Purpose

We've got one Goal:
To create a healthier, better you

The Lifestyle Medical Clinic is a clinic that specialises in comprehensive health screenings and health coaching. We make use of medical technology to study your health and tailor solutions just for you. 

Our health screening packages were curated with reference from the American Heart Association’s Life’s Essential 8. From body composition scans to mobility assessments, we want to make sure you’re fully covered so you can truly say, “I am healthy.”

Our Philosophy

Life's essential 8

At LMC, we believe that health and well-being are essential for both personal and professional success, and there are key interlinked elements that contribute to your health, including:

1. Diet
2. Physical Activity 
3. Sleep 
4. Healthy BMI 
5. Cholesterol Level 
6. Blood Sugar 
7. Blood Pressure 
8. Nicotine and Alcohol Consumption 

Our programs ensure all eight elements are taken care of and fulfilled according to your needs.

Tangible solutions,
visible results

We Get to Know you better
From biometric analyses, cardiovascular risk assessments to vision tests, our health assessments ensure we do not leave out any risk factors that might impede your success. 
we pair you with a coach
Based on your assessment, we’ll pair you with a coach and design a program that best fits your unique personality, goals and passions
we get to work
Our coaches and health team will work with you and provide tangible solutions to better your health. If at any time needed, we will take necessary action and refer you to a specialist. After which, we’ll work closely with the specialist to ensure you are in good health. 

Meet our Team

Dr Odelia Koh
Medical Director
Dr Sue Ho
Senior Executive Doctor
Kenneth Tan
Health Technology Manager

Health is for everyone

Contact us for smart, evidence-based health coaching solutions that work.